HSE Policy

Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Policy

OFS International LLC & its subsidiaries are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws, and regulations to ensure our employees are able to perform to the best of their ability incident free. Maintaining a safe work environment is a top priority of OFS International LLC and must be a personal goal of every employee. Our goal is to have zero work related injuries, illnesses, or negative environmental impacts. To achieve this goal, all locations adhere to the following principles:

Promote a positive attitude towards safety and environmental impact
Use proper PPE and obey all established procedures
Report potential HSE hazards and eliminate unsafe and harmful conditions
Provide on the job training through mentoring and competency verification
Reduce and eliminate waste through engineered solutions or recycling programs
Foster a culture of open communication, hazard awareness and safe working methods
Promote HSE continual improvement throughout all levels of the organization
Regularly review and evaluate HSE programs, procedure, and practices to assure they are effective and up to date
OCTG Accessories Inspection

Safety is the responsibility of every employee!

The Senior Management team is committed to the overall health, safety, and environmental efforts by providing the necessary resources for an effective and incident free program. Department Supervisors are responsible for maintaining sufficient working conditions within their areas and for ensuring that all operations are carried out with the utmost regard to health, safety, and the environment. Each employee is responsible for consistently following all established HSE procedures, and promptly reporting any potential hazards encountered for remediation.

Konstantin Semerikov
CEO, OFS International